Strands of Activity

Strand 1: Disciplinary-genre Identification
  • Collect and analyze writing samples of various genres important in plant biology, chemistry, and industrial engineering
  • Conduct focus group interviews with students in STEM disciplines
  • Understand the specific linguistic challenges students face in STEM writing
  • Figure out participants’ concerns about important linguistic demands of each discipline
Strand 2: Linguistic Analysis
  • Organize a conference on the theme of Technology and Teaching Writing for Academic Disciplines
  • Yield in-depth descriptions of how language is used to construct meaning in discipline-specific genres
  • Identify important features of language that differ across genres
  • Inform automated classification of genres and language patterns representative of STEM writing
Strand 3: Communication and Synthesis
  • Maintain internal communication with cross-disciplinary participants on campus
  • Coordinate networking with external collaborators
  • Gather, process, and synthesize the information gained from the activities and organize follow-up discussions
  • Disseminate newly gained insights both within the group and to outside collaborators
  • Evaluate our progress and revise our plans
Strand 4: Proposal Writing
  • Maintain contacts with grant program officers to evaluate fit with the goals of funding agencies
  • Produce two grant proposals for external funding
  • Identify additional appropriate grant programs for the future